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Step into Disney’s dreams with this incredible show on Sleeping Beauty Castle! “DisneyDreams!” offers a unique experience with fireworks, fountains, pyrotechnics and more to celebrate the Disney classics!


▪ Time : 9 p.m.
▪ When : Every evening.
▪ Place : The Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.
▪ Show’s type : Sound and Light Show with Pyrotechnics.
▪ Show’s length : 24 min
▪ Created by : ImaKev


To access the show, log on to our server ( and click on /show or go to your MagicMenu > Our Experiences > Spectacles & Parades and click on the name of the show to go directly to it. Don’t forget that MagicSound (/audio) is essential.


The “DisneyDreams!” show was first released on October 08, 2016, for the first anniversary year of MagicCraft. It was created in 1.8 and was made by ImaKev alone, during one year. It is the most successful show on MagicCraft, 29,280 block commands enabling the staging of fountains, fireworks, mapping, and many other special effects, in sync with the show’s soundtrack. The show was reviewed in 2020 to adapt it to the new construction of The Sleeping Beauty Castle.

By Administration-MagicCraft

the 07/04/2021