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the 08/04/2021

Welcome to MagicCraft’s site!

The MagicCraft team is pleased to greet you to our website! As you may know, MagicCraft is a depiction of the magic of Disneyland Paris through the Minecraft universe. Go on an […]

the 08/04/2021

New Season : Swing Into Spring

Spring arrives in MagicCraft! Come and join us to celebrate our new season “Swing into Spring” from 10 April until 24 May 2021! 🌸A Redecorated Park! This season celebrates the arrival of […]

the 08/04/2021

From Concept To Design…

✦ Where does this idea come from The magic universe is a passion for our director ImaKev! Indeed, the themes, shows, stories, but also the attractions of the Disneyland Paris park fascinate […]