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Logo de MagicCraft sur Disneyland Paris Minecraft

Server information

Find all the server information that you can use when visiting on MagicCraft.


To join MagicCraft, you just have to connect in version 1.17.1 and then enter the ip : in “New Server” to register it into your server list or into “Connect” to connect yourselves directly without saving it.

If you do not know how to connect yourselves in 1.17.1 or that you do not know where to enter the server IP, we let you look at this little tutorial.


To ensure that you visit goes as smoothly as possible, here are the necessary steps to follow :


Check that the MagicCraft resource pack has been automatically installed in your game. If not, check that you have enabled “Resource pack: Enable” in the MagicCraft ip settings.

If you see your inventory in gold, then you have successfully enabled the MagicCraft resource pack!

WARNING : Do not accumulate other resource packs with the MagicCraft one (Risk of additional lag)


MagicCraft has a sound system, to switch it on, just click on “/audio” in your chat. You will get a message in your chat, click on it, agree to open it and once on our MagicSound page then click on “Click here to connect”.

Go back to your Minecraft game, and you should see “You are connected to our MagicSound” in your chat, as well as the MagicCraft background music notes.

WARNING : If you are connected to our MagicSound and you do not hear any music, walk around the lobby and wait a few minutes for the music to start. If the problem remains, close MagicSound in your browser and repeat the process.

SETTINGS : (Optional)

Here are the different settings you can make in your “Graphics Options” (Video Settings) :
– Set the “Brightness” to 30%.
– Set the “Render Distance” to between 15 and 64 chunks or more.
– Set the “Field of View” (FOV) to 70 (Normal).
– Turn on all “Animations”.
– Remove the clouds (in “Details”).
– Set the “Environment” sound to 0%.


If your computer can handle Shaders, we highly recommend it!
Here are some shaders that make the MagicCraft experience more beautiful :

– Chocapic ULTRA (Latest Version)
– ProjectLUMA
– SildursVibrant (Medium or Extreme)

WARNING : Make sure that the shaders you want to use for your visit correctly take into account the particles and fireworks of Minecraft, because some do not take them in consideration and this could ruin your experience because you will have a lack of special effects on ou different attractions and shows.

If you can’t see where to go to make all these settings, check out our MagicCraft tutorial above.


MagicCraft is composed of several events, here is how you can get there, once connected to our servers :


Once you arrive at the MagicCraft lobby, go straight out of the “Galileo Observatory building” and into our lobby station. In front of the station is a large red carpet where you can find the different portals to DisneyLand Paris. Choose one of the DisneyLand Paris servers according to the number of visitors, and you have arrived at your destination.


In your inventory there is a star, click on it and you will find the item “Activities and Attractions” among the others. Click on it, choose the park or the world and finally click on the attraction you want to do to teleport directly there.


Our shows and parades do not take place on the “Disneyland Paris” servers in order to optimise lags for the quality of the attractions. To go to the show, you just have to do the command “/show”. You will arrive in a small lobby, advanced to the next show or parade portal and you will be automatically teleported there. You can enter the venue 15 minutes before the start of the show or parade.

You can now visit MagicCraft and enjoy this unique experience!