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From Concept To Design…

Where does this idea come from

The magic universe is a passion for our director ImaKev! Indeed, the themes, shows, stories, but also the attractions of the Disneyland Paris park fascinate him. It is this passion that he wants to share in a universe where everything is possible : Minecraft’s universe. The aim is a unique experience, and this work began since 2015. Several updates have been brought to follow the evolution of Minecraft, as well as the quality of the project.  


At the beginning of the project, a construction team together with ImaKev was building the map. Then in 2018, ImaKev decided to rebuild the whole map by himself! Why? For him, building DisneyLand Paris all alone is a challenge and following a discussion with a friend who volunteered to help, he preferred to refuse in order to be in charge of everything he was doing.
He did try to build with other people, but he had his own ideas, his own vision of things and when he built with others, the styles did not match. Not only was it a waste of time for everyone but also a discouragement for some.
With his own perspective, ImaKev is thus really strict, that is why he decided to build the map all alone.

 The Construction of The Sleeping Beauty’s Castle!

First, ImaKev does the layouts of DisneyLand Paris by his own hands! In order to familiarize himself with them, he often goes to the park to get a better grasp of the places and the area so that DisneyLand Paris is reproduced as faithfully as possible on the server

His first build was “The Sleeping Beauty’s Castle”. And it has its own story :

In 2014, ImaKev was not planning to make a server, he only wanted to build monuments he liked. He then began by DisneyLand Paris Castle. After the lauch of MagicCraft in 2015, this construction was reworked and improved to be finally placed on the first version of MagicCraft. From 2019 onwards, he no longer appreciated the castle, so he decided to give it a fresh start. The castle was rebuilt from scratch except for the central tower which was rebuilt and improved on the new castle, as a souvenir of the old version.

Today, MagicCraft’s “Sleeping Beauty Castle” is a source of pride and remains one of the most beautiful emblems of the projects.

The Sleeping Beauty Castle, built by ImaKev in 2014 (Solo World).
The Sleeping Beauty Castle, built by ImaKev in 2015 (visible on MagicCraft from 2015 to 2018).
The Sleeping Beauty Castle, built by ImaKev in 2019 (visible since 2019 on MagicCraft).

 The Opening and the First MagicCraft Attractions!

MagicCraft first opened its doors on 03 October 2015! At that time, only Discoveryland was available with ‘Space Mountain Mission 2’, ‘Autopia’ and ‘Orbitron’. A moment later came the new Frontierland with the arrival of the attractions “Big Thunder Mountain” and “Phantom Manor”.

For the first anniversary of the project, on October 03, 2016, MagicCraft launched its mythical show : “DisneyDreams!”. This show has evolved over many years so that, even today we are able to offer you the experience of Disney dreams!

It was only in March 2016 that the new famous land : Fantasyland, opened! Including the attractions like “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, “Pinocchio’s Travels”, “Mad Hatter’s Tea Cup”, “Alice’s Curious Labyrinth”, “Peter Pan Flight” and the famous “It’s a Small World” attraction.

A Themed Lobby!

The immersion and adventure did not stop with the creation of Disneyland Paris. To open up new perspectives, MagicCraft created numerous lobby locations. Each had its own style and its own story.

Today’s Lobby mixes Steampunk and Victorian styles. With a completely imagined avenue from scratch, a lake that serves as a stage for many shows and an incredible castle that stands as the emblem of MagicCraft: The DreamCastle!

The future of this lobby is glorious, because a next version will be released under the name of : “Chambelias”!

MagicCraft’s first lobby in its Christmas version (there is no picture of the basic version).
The second lobby that takes back the same style as the current one.
The current MagicCraft lobby.

So now what?

On April 25, 2020, MagicCraft is coming back with a brand-new version! The attractions, the shows and the entire server have been reworked. New special effects have been added, most of the buildings have been rebuilt like the “Disneyland Hotel” or the “FantasyLand”, and more than three hundred 3D models have been created and added by our team to enhance the immersion.

Although only a few attractions are available, we offer you shows as well as themed seasons and events. Missing attractions are currently being created or will be soon to improve your experience!

We look forward to seeing you there so that you can enjoy this unique experience too!

See you soon!


By Administration-MagicCraft

the 08/04/2021