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MagicCraft Description

Welcome to MagicCraft! Here you can dream big and have a unique experience!

Take a look at our project!


MagicCraft is a project that aims to recreate Disneyland Paris in its finest details, as well as immersive worlds to help you discover… Magic adventures !
We are a team of dedicated fans, and we want to share our knowledge, our talents and our passions with all of you to ensure that your Minecraft experience is unique!


The famous theme park: Disneyland Paris at least rings a bell to everyone! On MagicCraft we recreate it in all its particularities and features, including refined builds, 3D models, custom textures, special effects, and more, to make your visit as memorable as possible. Take selfies with your favorite characters, visit the park’s mythical locations, and embark on the heart of the attractions, “STARWARS: HyperSpace Mountain”, the famous “Big Thunder Mountain” and many others! And like every night, Sleeping Beauty Castle is illuminated with the most beautiful fireworks and special effects, to offer you a breathtaking show!


Shows on Minecraft? Yes, on MagicCraft we create fireworks, theater shows and even parades! Each show is created with utmost care, from the colors used to the timing, there’s no room for chance!


We want to offer you more, every year we do seasonal events, theme nights and special days on different themes. The most important ones are Halloween with a hundred pumpkins and Christmas with plenty of decorations and a magnificent Christmas tree. For some of those, shows, activities and even customized attractions are specifically created for them. Our events transport you to spectacular celebrations!


Although attractions, shows and events are the main activities at MagicCraft, there is so much more you can do! Buy Disney items in our MagicSHOP with our Micks (virtual money), complete achievements, buy your souvenir photos and much more!

MagicCraft is constantly growing and improving, thanks to a team that works in order to make this project something out of our mind and imagination, but above all, thanks to you who come and live this unique experience!